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From first diagnosis, through to growing up with the condition, JDRF provides support and guidance for people with T1D at every step along the way.

We’ve developed a variety of programs and resources, regardless of what life stage you’re at. You can access these guides and resources via the links below.

Straight to the Point: A guide for adults living with type 1 diabetes.

Written by adults with type 1 diabetes and health care professionals, this resource is full of tips and resources to help you live a safer, easier and happier life until we cure T1D.  From diagnosis to travel, work and sick days, this guide addresses some of the most commons questions and concerns of living with T1D as an adult.

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Nutrition and exercise for adults with T1D.

An excerpt from a nutrition and exercise session designed for adults living with T1D. This session is from our Type One Summit conference in 2019.

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Teen Toolkit: A guide for parents of teens living with type 1 diabetes.

Navigating the teenage years with T1D can be difficult. Everything that makes the teen years unique may complicate the disease structure. It takes patience, adaptation and sometimes a lot of help and support to get through those years. This guide is specifically for parents to help them with strategies to make their teenager’s journey a much more manageable experience.

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Our T1Directory is where we share all of the details of our Little Blue Book. It’s the names of people, organisations and places that make life with type 1 diabetes a little easier.

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The high school years and type 1 diabetes.

As your child with T1D gets older, they tend to spend more time in and around school. In fact, for teens involved in extracurricular activities and sports, school time can take up as much as fifty percent of their weekday. That means a comprehensive and smart plan for how to deal with T1D at school is a must-have tool. Read an extract from JDRF’s Teen Toolkit, with some useful strategies for parents on coping with those high school years.

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Dealing with the psychosocial burden of T1D in the teenage years.

Adolescence comes with its own set of new challenges for any parent, but what is it like if your teenager also has type 1 diabetes (T1D)? Dr Adriana Ventura (a nationally registered psychologist) spoke at JDRF’s Type One Summit in 2019 on the psychological impacts of T1D during the teenage years. Read about Dr Ventura’s insights in this blog post.

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How to access mental health services with type 1 diabetes.

Our official guide to accessing mental health services for people living with T1D. This resource was created in consultation with Dr. Rosalyn Taylor, Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in diabetes at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

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Snacking 101: An explainer for people living with type 1 diabetes.

For this blog, we asked the experts to give us the low-down on all things snacking. The post includes tips & tricks for snacking from Dr. Carmel Smart and Emma Fisher, paediatric diabetes dietitians at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital.

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Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDE): What you need to know.

You might have already heard of, or seen a CDE (Credentialled Diabetes Educator), but you may not be aware of just how much in-depth specialist knowledge and skills they possess. Learn more about CDEs & how they can support you in this blog post.

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Coping strategies for diabetes burnout.

Studies have shown that many people living with diabetes experience worries, fears and other negative feelings at some stage. When these feelings are prolonged, it can lead to diabetes burnout. In this blog post, read about some coping strategies and other support & resources available to help you deal with diabetes burnout.

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Exercise and type 1 diabetes: World-first guidelines consensus.

In 2019 a report was published in which leading T1D experts from around the world for the first time provided consensus on managing blood glucose levels safely while exercising. Read more about the findings & recommendations from the report in this blog post.

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Driving and type 1 diabetes: Things to keep in mind.

We often get questions from our type 1 diabetes community about driving and T1D. We compiled advice from T1D experts, to help you navigate this important milestone. Read this blog post for all things behind the wheel with T1D.

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The discovery of insulin: A brief history.

Before 1921, a type 1 diabetes diagnosis was terminal. It spelt a death sentence with few effective treatments. 2021 marks 100 years since the discovery of insulin… but how did we get there? Travel back in time and find out more about life before insulin and the people who helped discover it.

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The research pathway: Turning an idea into a type 1 diabetes breakthrough.

You may have heard that getting a new T1D treatment or device to market can take around 12 to 15 years. JDRF funds research at all stages of this research pathway, supporting ideas from the lab right through to clinical trials. Read this blog post to find out more about how a research idea can become a breakthrough for someone with T1D.

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How does a clinical trial work?

Before any new intervention – whether it’s a drug, device, or test – can be made available to the public, researchers need to gather evidence that it is safe and effective for people to use. A clinical trial is the gold standard way to do this. Read this blog post to find out the steps involved in carrying out a clinical trial.

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Five things you might not know about clinical trials

Clinical trials are an essential part of research – without them, there wouldn’t be new treatments for T1D complications, improved insulin pump technology, or breakthroughs on how to prevent T1D. Find out some interesting things you may not know about clinical trials in this blog post.

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