Resources for adults newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

If you’ve recently learned that you have type 1 diabetes (T1D), we want you to know that you’re not alone.

Resources for adults newly diagnosed

You’re now part of a 130,000-strong community of Australians navigating everything from diagnosis to the day-to-day management of T1D. There’s a huge network of support out there, and we want to help you get connected with resources and programs to make living with T1D that bit easier – no matter your age or connection to diabetes.

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Living with type 1 diabetes

A T1D diagnosis can feel overwhelming. That’s why a solid support network and access to trusted advice are so important. Here are helpful resources to guide you through this early stage of your journey.


Building healthy habits

Yes, some things will change as a result of your T1D diagnosis, but not everything. So many great things about life will remain the same, and you’ll enjoy them just as you did before. Here are resources to help you understand more about making some adjustments to your lifestyle.


Mental health

Finding the balance between supporting your mental health and T1D is something that may take time as you find your new rhythm, but you’ll get there. We have so many resources to help.

Our mental health resources:


Work and type 1 diabetes

Your T1D diagnosis may impact your work routine, and it could be worth letting your employer know about your diagnosis.

Here’s advice on managing T1D and work.

Our resources on diabetes and employment:


Exercise and T1D

Exercise can help reduce stress, assists with weight management, increases your insulin sensitivity and is good for your overall health.

Here are our resources for exercising safely with T1D:


Diagnosis stories

Hearing from others who have experienced similar lifestyle shifts due to T1D is a great way to find your own path forward. Navigating your diagnosis can be challenging, but you’re not alone. Hear from others who have been there too.

Our resources share stories of people who have lived through this too:

Information & support

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