Why take part in a clinical trial?

Why take part in

Clinical trials are at the heart of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes, and are a crucial step to making new treatments, devices and therapies available to the public. These clinical trials are only made possible by volunteers willing to give up their time to take part.

These trials rely on volunteers, but researchers often struggle to find enough people to take part. Up to 80% of clinical trials in Australia have problems finding enough volunteers before the end of the study.

By volunteering for a clinical trial, you can help us to discover new ways of treating and ultimately curing T1D. Here are five more reasons to volunteer:

  • You could get access to new therapies before they are available on the market
  • You’ll learn more about your own T1D and how to manage it
  • You’ll help to advance research progress
  • You’ll contribute to making new therapies accessible to people with T1D
  • You could help find a cure for the millions of people worldwide living with T1D

Read the stories below to find out how clinical trials work and what it’s like to take part or fill out the form to express your interest in getting involved.

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