Resources for adults living with type 1 diabetes

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Resources for adults

Information & support

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Treatment of T1D

How to manage the practical elements of type 1 diabetes as an adult, and live a fulfilling and healthy life while you’re at it.


Your mental health & T1D

Many people living with T1D find it hard at times. Check out our resources on how a chronic disease effects your mental health and how you can adapt to work through any problems.


Your social life

Learn how to manage other people while living with T1D, and how to find support and companionship through JDRF.

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Exercise & T1D

There’s no doubt exercise is good for you. It can help reduce stress, assists with weight management, increases your insulin sensitivity and good for your overall health. So how can you do it safely with T1D?

See how Australian netballer Sarah Klau manages her T1D while playing elite level sport and how T1D has never stopped her achieving her life goals.


Tips on exercising with T1D