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JDRF Advocates have a vital role in building relationships between people affected by Type 1 Diabetes and Australia’s politicians. JDRF Advocates project the voice of the Type 1 Diabetes community in to the heart of Parliament House and every electorate in the country, ensuring that investment in medical research is patient-focused and top of mind for MPs and Senators. By reaching out to today’s decision makers you’ll give them a better understanding of life with T1D and earn their support to find a cure.


JDRF Advocates influence the shape of policy, help new treatments reach the community and move us closer to a world without T1D.

We are change makers

JDRF Advocates have been successful in gaining government commitments in the 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2018 elections. For the first time JDRF advocates go into this 2019 election with bipartisan support for our ask for $50m for the next phase of the T1DCRN.

  • 2004: Australian Islet Transplantation Program funding $30.08m – currently looking for participants
  • 2007: Insulin Pump Program (IPP) for children under 18, resulting in current program with over 1200 pumps
  • 2010: $5m from the Federal Government for T1DCRN
  • 2011: increase in age eligibility for the Federal Government’s Carers Allowance, resulting in an additional $43m in support 
  • 2012: $35m from the Coalition for the T1DCRN
  • 2013: Expansion of the T1DCRN $35M. Additional funding for IPP $870,000.
  • 2017: $54m from the Australian Government  towards Continuous Glucose Monitoring for young Australians
  • January 2019: the Australian Labor Party commit to an election promise of $50M for the T1DCRN 
  • February 2019 BIPARTISAN COMMITMENT ACHIEVED for $54.5M for Type 1 Diabetes research. 

15 yrs of progress:
our MP's are listening

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Bi-partisan promise in 2019

A decade of support

Improving the lives of those with T1D, those who love them and the communities we all live in.

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Our aim is to have a JDRF advocate in every electorate in Australia. 

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