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Type 1 diabetes has a huge impact on the physical and mental health of the more than 130,000 Australians who live with it. Studies have shown that it’s common for people living with T1D to experience worries, fears and other negative feelings related to their health and wellbeing at some stage – including diabetes distress and burnout.

That’s why it’s so important for people living with T1D to have access to a robust support system.

JDRF Australia is here to support you. Our community programs cater to a range of people in the T1D community, no matter your age or connection to diabetes, and help you to connect with others who understand.

Whether you or a loved one have been diagnosed with T1D, we have support options to help. Check them out below.


Join our Peer Support Program

JDRF’s Peer Support Program is a volunteer network that connects people who have been affected by T1D and gives them a helping hand from someone who understands – because we know that even as time goes on, T1D is a constant learning curve.

The program is available to adults or parents in the T1D community to find support from others in a similar situation.

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Join our private online groups

JDRF has created safe spaces on Facebook to connect people in the T1D community with others who are in a similar position.

Once you’ve been added to a group, you can ask questions, share your experience and chat with others.

Four groups are available to join:



You can also follow us on Instagram for our latest news and updates.


JDRF resources

Download free guides and books that are packed with practical tips and advice on living with with T1D. Whether you’re a parent of a child or teen who lives with T1D, or you’re an adult who has been diagnosed, there’s a guide to help you.

Take a look at our T1D education and guides page to see which free resources and downloads interest you.

You might also like to listen to our podcast series, talking with inspiring people in our T1D community.

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Free online sessions


Breathe: our program for parents and carers

JDRF Australia runs a free mental health program for parents and carers of children and teens living with T1D. Each program is designed and facilitated by a mental health expert to support your wellbeing in the most effective way possible, supporting you to parent your children while dealing with the challenges of living with T1D.

Breathe offers three intakes:

  • parents and carers of children aged 0-12
  • parents and carers of teens
  • parents and carers of newly diagnosed children and teens.

See the schedule and register for Breathe now.


Let’s Talk T1D: discussions for adults living with T1D, and parents and carers of kids and teens

Our Let’s Talk T1D talks cover the practicalities of living with T1D. With special sessions for adults, and others for parents and carers, these sessions are run by JDRF’s mental health lead, diabetes educators and special guests.

See the events calendar and register for our Let’s Talk T1D chats.


T1Directory: handy names and organisations to know

We’ve compiled a T1D Directory which contains the names of people, organisations and places that make life with type 1 diabetes a little easier.

See our T1Directory

T1Dictionary: the language of type 1 diabetes

New to type 1 diabetes? Take a look at our list of commonly used T1D terms and their meanings.

See our T1Dictionary
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