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Mark Butler, Minister of Health and Aged Care, celebrating with JDRF advocates after the #AccessForAll CGM announcement in July 2022.

We will never stop advocating until type 1 becomes type none!

Ethan, 10, and Mia, 7, both living with T1D

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JDRF Advocates have a vital role in building relationships between people affected by type 1 diabetes and Australia’s politicians. By projecting the voice of the type 1 diabetes community into the heart of Parliament House and every electorate in the country, JDRF Advocates ensure that investment in medical research is patient-focused and top of mind for MPs and Senators.

By reaching out to today’s decision makers you’ll give them a better understanding of life with T1D and earn their support to find a cure and improve lives.

JDRF Advocates influence the shape of policy, help new treatments reach the community and move us closer to a world without T1D.


We have been part of the JDRF advocate program since Lawrence was four. Not only has he been able to build confidence to talk about his condition and educate leaders about T1D, he has been able to grow up as part of a family of inspiring T1D warriors around Australia. One day we hope to be able to say we were part of the movement that turned type one into type none.

Mel, mum to Lawrence, 7

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