Our history


JDRF globally has a history dating back over 50 years of advocating, campaigning and representing the T1D community and driving T1D research. In Australia, our journey began in 1982.

1970 JDRF founded in the US as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
1982 JDRF founded in Australia (as the Diabetes Youth Foundation – DYF)
1984 Our first grant was allocated - $7,000 to Dr Martin Silink
1989 JDRF Australia employed first staff member
1994 First Walks held (Sydney and Melbourne)
2004 First Kids in the House event at Parliament House
2010 First Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network (T1DCRN) funding from the Federal Government, totalling $5 million
2014 Further $35 million in funding to extend the T1DCRN confirmed
2016 $54 million in funding committed to CGM access
2019 $54.5 million committed for further T1D research and continuation of the T1DCRN
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