Exercise with type 1 diabetes

Master moving your body with T1D using these handy resources.


Get Moving

Find out why exercise is especially important for people with T1D, key signs of high/low blood sugar to look out for and tips for starting out safely.

Stop the Drop

Sometimes, certain types of exercise are associated with a drop in blood glucose levels. Our video explains how insulin and glucagon control the uptake and production of glucose and how they function during exercise.

Anticipate the Rise

For some individuals with type 1 diabetes, blood glucose level may not go down with exercise – it may actually rise! Learn more about why this happens during or after exercise and what people with T1D should be aware of while exercising in this video.

Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Being active is an essential part of losing weight, along with a healthy diet. If you are trying to lose weight, this video contains some important considerations from the experts. They distinguish fact from fiction and explain how to manage your blood glucose levels before, during and after exercise.

Ramp Up Your Performance

For people with type 1 diabetes who are competing in athletic events, glucose control can have major effects on peak strength, stamina, speed and agility. This video will set athletes with type 1 diabetes up for success and get them prepared to pursue their chosen sport.

Safe Exercise for Children

Like all children, kids with type 1 diabetes need plenty exercise. Watch this video for general information suitable for families, teachers, coaches and anyone around children with T1D which will help them understand the impact of exercise on blood glucose levels and what to look out for.

More resources on exercise and type 1 diabetes

Nutrition and exercise for adults with T1D.

Who doesn’t love food and getting out there and getting active? An excerpt from a nutrition and exercise session designed for adults living with T1D. This session is from our Type One Summit conference in 2019.

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Exercise and type 1 diabetes: World-first guidelines consensus.

In 2019, T1D experts from around the world provided consensus for the first time on managing blood glucose levels safely while exercising. Read more about the findings & recommendations from the report in this blog post.

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