Your free parent wellbeing guide: 'If you're okay, they're okay'

Your free parent wellbeing guide:

JDRF is proud to share its latest book, written especially for parents and carers of kids and teens living with type 1 diabetes. 

And it’s free for our JDRF community members!

No matter how long T1D has been part of your family – whether it’s been a few months or a couple of years – this guide will support you through some of the tricky challenges that may come your way, and help you understand and better manage the family’s emotions and mental wellbeing following a T1D diagnosis.

The guide is packed with helpful advice, including:

  • support to help you parent alongside T1D with confidence
  • age-appropriate expectations for your child living with T1D
  • tips for dealing with the family’s emotional challenges
  • practical advice on common issues (including anxiety around injections and site changes, and managing T1D at school)
  • self-care for you (and why it’s so important).

This guide will be given to families in their KIDSACs at diagnosis, and is also available to download for free using the form below.

*Previous versions of this book contained a small number of citation errors. The updated version is now correct.   


This book would not be possible without the funding and support of Apex Foundation Charitable Trust.


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