Resources for parents of kids and teens living with type 1 diabetes

Resources for parents of

If you’re a parent or carer of a young child or teen recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D), please know you’re joining a huge community. With over 130,000 Australians living with T1D, there’s a wide support network that can help you find your feet. We’re here to help, too.

You should have received a KIDSAC pack from the hospital or clinic when your child was diagnosed with T1D. These packs are from JDRF, and are filled with helpful information and products to help you on your journey (learn more about KIDSAC).

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Read on to find some great resources for parents and carers of kids and teens with T1D.


Dealing with a T1D diagnosis

The early days after your child is diagnosed with T1D can feel overwhelming. There’s so much information to take in, as well as processes to put in place.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the up-front priorities of carb counting and blood glucose level management, it can help to let your wider support networks know about your child’s diagnosis.

Throughout this time, you’ll also want to consider how to be the best support system for your child as they adjust to their new lifestyle and potentially feel overwhelmed, too. Don’t forget that you’re not alone – we’re here to help you.


For parents and carers of children

Getting up to speed with the adjustments you need to make when a child in your care is diagnosed with T1D may be overwhelming at first. But you’ll eventually find your rhythm, and living with T1D will become your new normal. Here are some helpful resources following your child’s T1D diagnosis.

Our parents’ support resources:


Food and drink

Managing your child’s blood glucose levels and working out how different foods and drinks affect their body is often a parent or carer’s biggest role when managing T1D with their child. Thankfully, a wealth of resources exist to help you learn the ins and outs of carb counting and broader food-related education for a child with T1D.

Our kids’ nutrition resources:


School and social life

The thought of school and playdates may feel a little daunting following a T1D diagnosis (for the parents as well as many children), but you can ease into your new lifestyle. Here are some helpful resources to help you navigate school and social life.

Our kids’ lifestyle resources:


For parents and carers of teens

The teenage years can bring up their own challenges and frustrations. Add in a T1D diagnosis, and there’s a lot to take on for both your teenager and yourself. Finding the balance between fostering independence and offering strong support can be a juggle, but you’ll find your groove. Here’s some advice on supporting teens through T1D.

Our teen-focused resources:


Food and drink

As your child gets older, you’ll want to help them make informed decisions about what they eat and drink, and how their choices will impact their blood glucose levels. Here’s advice on helping teens with T1D navigate their diet.

Our teen food and drink resources:


School and social life

High school can be challenging enough for a teen, with lots of new experiences cropping up, but lots of fun to be had, too. T1D doesn’t have to change that. Here’s advice on supporting your teen through this period to ensure they are well-equipped to get the best from their school years.

Our teen lifestyle resources:


Mental health

Adolescent life can bring highs and lows regardless of T1D, which is why it’s so important to lean on your support systems and keep the channels of communication open with your child. While living with T1D can put added pressure on a teen’s mental health, remaining connected as a family and tapping into broader support networks will lighten the load.

Our teen mental health resources:


We’re here to support you as a parent or carer of a child or teen living with T1D. Don’t be a stranger – be sure to tap into the groups and resources available to you to make navigating T1D easier.

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