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Snack and lunch ideas for kids living with T1D

October 10, 2022

As a parent it’s easy to feel uninspired in the kitchen from time to time. Trying to think of meal and snack ideas that are quick and easy to prepare, affordable AND healthy can be really tricky. And when your child lives with type 1 diabetes it can sometimes feel extra difficult to tick all the boxes.

Here are our 10 top lunch and snack ideas for kids (aged 5-12 years) who live with T1D.

Tip: Remember it’s also fine for the family to get takeaways and eat out in restaurants and cafes when your child lives with T1D – read our guide to eating out with T1D for more information!

10 lunch ideas for kids living with T1D

  1. Sandwiches made with low-GI bread: sandwiches are popular for a reason – after all, they’re practical and taste great. Get creative with toppings and cut them into fun shapes.
  2. Salad in a container: layer your child’s favourite salad ingredients in air-tight containers. They can be made for the week ahead and you just add protein and dressing before eating (and there are so many fun combinations to explore!). You can also combine with crackers or a small bread roll to fuel your child’s activity over the day.
  3. Mini egg muffins: add leftover vegies or ham and cheese. Bake them in muffin tins to make handy individual portions.
  4. Toasted wraps: these can be premade with your child’s favourite fillings then toasted when serving (if at home).
  5. Noodle salad: bulk up a serve of noodles with fresh vegies and herbs and your child’s choice of protein.
  6. Grazing box: include salad, meat, cheese, chopped fruit or boiled eggs. Present it in a fun bento box to make an interesting meal.
  7. Quick pizza: pile your child’s favourite toppings on a wrap or muffin and top with cheese. Pop it in the oven and enjoy.
  8. Meatballs: roll your own meatballs using beef, lamb, pork or chicken mince. Add hidden grated vegies and serve with a dipping sauce. You may like to combine with some Lebanese or Turkish bread.
  9. Scrolls: make your own quick dough with two parts wholemeal self-raising flour to one part plain Greek yoghurt. Kneed to form a dough, then add your favourite toppings (try Vegemite and cheese!), and roll and bake.
  10. Lunch order: school canteens have some great healthy options! Offer your child a choice and let their teacher know in advance that is your plan for lunchtime that day.

10 snack ideas for kids living with T1D

  1. Fruit skewers: thread fruit chunks onto skewers or paddle pop sticks. This is a great way to introduce new fruits.
  2. Wholemeal crackers with cheese: mix up the types of crackers and cheese so it doesn’t get boring.
  3. Vegie sticks and hummus: carrot, celery and cucumber work well. Make your own hummus, or store-brought is just as good.
  4. Healthy baking: nothing beats freshly baked goods! You can tweak your favourite recipes to lower the carbs and fat by replacing flour with almond meal, reducing sugar, or switching butter or oil with yoghurt or low-fat sour cream.
  5. Check out the freezer aisle in your supermarket: you’ll find some great healthier options in ice creams and ice blocks. They make a great treat on a hot afternoon.
  6. Yoghurt with berries: the ultimate yummy sweet treat, berries are surprisingly low in carbs.
  7. Go nuts for nuts: nuts are a great crunchy snack that is also lower in carbs. Avoid them in school environments due to allergies, but otherwise they are an easy, healthy snack.
  8. Popcorn: this is not just for the movies! Popcorn is a great source of fibre and can help make hungry tummies feel fuller for longer.
  9. Dark chocolate: delicious as a snack, dark chocolate is also rich in antioxidants, and research has shown it can help lower blood pressure.
  10. Treats: occasional treats are an important part of a balanced diet. Don’t let T1D get in the way of having fun with food!

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