PhD Top-Up Scholarship 2024

PhD Top-Up Scholarship 2024

Applications Open: 8 April 2024

Application Deadline*: 9 May 2024

Award Notification^: June 2024

*Deadlines are at 11:59 pm AEST/AEDT. Research Office of each Administering Institution is required to submit applications to JDRF in RMS360 and may have an internal closing time which precedes this deadline.

^Subject to change.




JDRF Australia is dedicated to advancing cutting-edge research in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), with a strong emphasis on nurturing the development of talented emerging researchers in the field.

JDRF Australia is inviting applications for the PhD Top-up Scholarship. The Scholarship is designed to support and encourage PhD students pursuing research in the field of T1D in line with JDRF’s mission – to treat, prevent and cure T1D.

The Scholarship will provide successful candidates with additional funding, on top of their PhD stipend, full-time or pro-rated part-time, contingent to satisfactory progress.


Up to $6,000 per year for a maximum of 3 years 

Applicants must be: 

I. Recipients of either a Research Training Program Stipend (formerly Australia Postgraduate Award), NHMRC Postgraduate Award or a University-funded PhD scholarship

II. Not in receipt of any other PhD top-up funding

III. Pursuing research relevant to T1D

IV. Australian citizens or permanent residents currently residing in Australia

Selection Criteria

Applications will be peer-reviewed by a panel based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment of the applicant’s research with JDRF Research Priorities
  • Scientific merit of research and relevance to making an impact for people living with T1D
  • Applicant potential for career development

Application Requirements

Relevant templates are available via online grants management system RMS360 (see Section ‘Instructions for Submissions’).

1. Application Form (use template) providing information on:

  • Applicant Details
  • Eligibility
  • Summary
  • Referees

2. Bio-sketch (4 pages maximum, use template)

3. Letter confirming offer of a PhD Scholarship

4. Copy of academic transcript

5. Letters of reference (use template) from two referees who should be able to discuss the applicant’s scientific abilities and overall career potential. At least one Referee must be a current supervisor. The reference letters must be submitted by the referees via email to in a confidential way prior to the submission deadline.

Applicants will need to provide their referees with the template, which can be found in the ‘Additional Attachments’ tab of the application. Applicants cannot submit reference letters on their referee’s behalf.

JDRF may decline applications that do not meet any of the above requirements. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted without prior discussion with JDRF staff.

Instructions for Submission

Applications must be submitted online using JDRF’s online grants management system RMS360 . RMS360 Instructions and FAQs are available in Appendix A. Please contact JDRF Staff if you require assistance.

Information submitted as part of the application is collected and stored in accordance with the JDRF Australia’s Privacy Policy.

JDRF will only consider complete applications that meet application requirements as required in the templates provided in RMS360. Scanned documents are not acceptable.

A submission is complete if:

  •  It includes all the documents listed in the submission checklist below.
  • All mandatory fields in RMS360 are complete


Successful applicants are required to submit a progress report annually to JDRF. The reporting schedule will be detailed in the Award Notification Letter. Failure to submit the report within the specified timeframe may affect payments.

Submission Checklist

☐ Application FormYesUpload in “Research Plan Upload - Full Proposal” tab, prior to submission.
☐ Bio-sketchYesUpload into your researcher profile, prior to submission. The bio-sketch from your profile will automatically append itself to your application.
☐ Letter confirming offer of a PhD ScholarshipNoUpload in “Additional Attachments” tab, prior to submission.
☐ Copy of academic transcriptNoUpload in “Additional Attachments” tab, prior to submission.
☐ Letters of referenceYesThe letters of reference must be submitted by referees via email to in a confidential way prior to the submission deadline. Applicants will need to provide their referees with the template available in the “Additional Attachments” tab. Applicants cannot submit reference letters on their referee’s behalf.
If you have enquiries, please consult:
Serena Radano
Grants Administration Officer
JDRF Australia
P: (02) 8364 0243