Fiasp insulin to remain on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

September 17, 2023


Fiasp insulin to remain on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

The new listing of Fiasp® Penfill® on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will keep the life-saving medication available to the 15,000+ Australians who rely on it

Sydney, 18 September 2023: JDRF Australia is welcoming an announcement from Minister for Health, Hon Mark Butler, that Fiasp insulin will continue to be available from October 1 with the listing of Fiasp® Penfill® on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

The fast-acting insulin was set for removal from the PBS from October after an initial six-month extension of supply. This would have had substantial consequences for over 15,000 people who use the insulin for managing diabetes, many of whom live with type 1 diabetes (T1D) – a lifelong autoimmune condition that requires consistent glucose monitoring and insulin administration.

JDRF Australia has been working to ensure that the voice of Australians with T1D has been clearly represented to both Government and Fiasp manufacturer, Novo Nordisk, following the initial announcement of Fiasp’s removal from the PBS earlier this year.

JDRF CEO, Mike Wilson OAM, says that this news is providing welcome relief for the community:

“This announcement is alleviating significant anxieties for the thousands of Australians who rely on Fiasp as part of their well-established type 1 diabetes management regime. We commend the Minister for Health, Hon Mark Butler, for delivering a resolution with Novo Nordisk on this matter, and for listening to JDRF and Australians living with type 1 diabetes.

“We equally commend the type 1 diabetes community and all patient organisations who have been advocating tirelessly for this issue over the last six months. We know how much this news will mean to them.”

Fiasp® Penfill® contains the same insulin (fast-acting insulin aspart) in the same volume as the previously PBS listed Fiasp® FlexTouch®, but is delivered through a different device.

Fiasp® Penfill® can be used with many Novo Nordisk insulin delivery devices.

We understand the cost to be a maximum of $30 per prescription, or $7 for concession card holders.

Community members who wish to use other devices, or who are considering changing insulins, should speak to their healthcare provider.

JDRF advocate Kellie, mum to 16-year-old Jenna who was diagnosed with T1D five years ago and uses Fiasp, says this announcement is a game changer for their family.

“Fiasp is not just a convenience. It literally saves Jenna’s life every single day and it is saving her from challenging, irreversible complications.

“We extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to Minister Butler for listening to the voices of those advocating for a permanent solution and making this outcome possible.

“The fact that Fiasp will continue to be accessible is a weight taken off the shoulders of our family, and thousands more families across the country.”

Jenna, who has been using Fiasp for the past four says, says that:

“The possibility of Fiasp’s absence made me realise just how significant a role it plays in my life. It saves me every single day, in ways that seemed impossible when I was first diagnosed. Fiasp guarantees that I can live both safely and freely, despite the ups and down of life with type 1 diabetes.

“I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am towards the Minister, JDRF, and everyone involved in keeping Fiasp accessible. The difference you’ve made will have an impact on my life forever.”


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