JDRF welcomes decision to extend availability of Fiasp on the PBS

March 16, 2023


JDRF Australia welcomes Government’s decision to extend availability of Fiasp insulin on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme 

The move will keep the life-saving medication in the hands of the 15,000+ people who rely on it for a further six months

Sydney, 17 March 2023: JDRF Australia is today welcoming an announcement by the Albanese Government that will see Fiasp maintained on the PBS until at least October this year.

The fast-acting insulin was set for removal from the PBS from 1 April 2023, which would have significant consequences for over 15,000 people who use it as part of their well-established regime for managing type 1 diabetes (T1D) – a lifelong autoimmune condition that requires consistent glucose monitoring and insulin administration to stay alive.

JDRF Australia, the leading T1D research, advocacy, and community programs organisation globally, has been working to ensure that the voice of Australians with T1D has been clearly represented to both Government and Fiasp manufacturer, Novo Nordisk.

JDRF CEO, Mike Wilson OAM, says that this news is providing much needed temporary relief for the community, but that a more permanent resolution must be found.

“This morning’s announcement from Minister for Health, The Hon. Mark Butler, is a welcome and positive move for the type 1 diabetes community. It means that the 15,000 people who use and need Fiasp can continue to access it for at least a further six months, reducing the high levels of risk and anxiety created by change that was otherwise going to be forced upon them by April 1.

“We commend the type 1 diabetes community and patient organisations who have been tirelessly advocating for this issue, and we commend the Government for listening and responding accordingly.

“We are very aware that despite this positive news, people who rely on this insulin will still need it after six months’ time. We will be continuing our discussions with key decision makers and imploring Novo Nordisk to find a long-term solution with the Government that ensures uninterrupted and ongoing access to fast acting insulin,” Mr Wilson said.

While there are other insulins available on the PBS, none are directly interchangeable with Fiasp and the task of switching insulins is complex, daunting, and potentially risky.

According to the Government’s announcement, from 1 April 2023, people who already have a prescription for Fiasp will be able to refill their current scripts and repeat scripts over the next six months. They are encouraging anyone who has previously used Fiasp but does not have a current prescription to visit their doctor before April 1 to ensure they can also access the insulin.

Kellie, mum to 16-year-old Jenna who was diagnosed with T1D five years ago and uses Fiasp, says the decision is a welcome relief for now.

“When I told Jenna that Fiasp was being removed from the PBS, she burst into tears. She has learnt how to manage with it, and she faced having to learn all over again at a time where life is full of pressure.

“Fiasp is not just a convenience. It literally saves her life every single day and it is saving her from challenging, irreversible complications.

“The fact that it will continue to be accessible for a further six months is a weight taken off our shoulders for the time being, but we need more answers about what will happen next because the lives of our loved ones depend on it,” she said.

Kellie echoes the sentiment of countless families impacted by T1D, who appreciate the work that has been done to extend the accessibility of Fiasp but need the security a of long-term solution.



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