Helpful links for family and friends of people living with T1D

Helpful links for family and friends

Step 1: Download your free guide to type 1 diabetes (T1D) to learn about the condition.

Next up? Find out about T1D in more detail, and discover how you can help people in the T1D community. Follow the links below for lots more information.

Learn about T1D


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Learn more about JDRF and how we help the T1D community

  • Discover our research. As our ultimate goal is to find cures for T1D, we identify pathways with the greatest potential to lead to do this, from screening and prevention programs to clinical trials of groundbreaking new therapies. We’re also focused on improving lives and finding new ways to treat or prevent common complications of T1D.
  • Learn about our community support. Between our popular Peer Support Program, Facebook groups, courses and online chats, there are lots of ways to get in touch with other members of the T1D community.
  • Become a JDRF advocate. Powered by advocates who can speak about their lived experience, JDRF’s advocacy program has helped deliver a T1D-focused policy in every election cycle since 2004.


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