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Let’s get straight to the point...

A type 1 diabetes diagnosis shouldn’t stop you living live to the full.

With the right information, help and support, you can achieve anything – and 2022 is the time to do it. No matter what your New Year’s Resolution, now is the time to plan how you can achieve it (and bring type 1 diabetes along with you for the ride!). So, what’s in store for you this year?

Our guide can help you kick 2022 goals

Written by adults with type 1 diabetes and health care professionals, Straight to the Point is a 156 page resource is full of tips and resources to help you live a safer, easier and happier life with T1D.

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Be body positive

Being body positive means something different for everyone – and it’s a whole different challenge for people living with T1D.

If it’s time for you to work on your relationship with food and body image, accept yourself for who you are, or even take the first step toward losing weight safely – you’ve come to the right place. For more information, read on or download Straight to the Point.


Get organised

A wise person once said ‘if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail’, and this definitely rings true for life with type 1 diabetes.

The new year is a great time to take charge of your organisation, stocktake your supplies and book essential appointments for the year ahead. Keep scrolling for practical organisation tips from the experts or download Straight to the Point for free.


Exercise more

Exercise is great for you. There’s no doubt about it! Aside from making you feel good, assisting with weight management and boosting your health, it also increases your insulin sensitivity.

Everyone should get active regularly, but moving your body can be challenging with T1D. Keep reading to learn more about exercising with type 1 diabetes or download Straight to the Point for more in-depth information.



Type 1 diabetes shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you want to do – and this includes travel.

Preparing ahead will take you a long way and help keep you healthy once you’re there – as well as help avoid any unnecessary stress! If you’re looking to travel in 2022, check out practical advice from the experts below or download Straight to the Point.


Beat burnout

While physical health is emphasised with diabetes, the emotional, social and psychological effects can often be overlooked.

If you’re struggling with type 1 diabetes, the time to seek support and take active steps to care for your mental health is now. Read on or download Straight to the Point to learn more about beating burnout in 2022.


Get your hustle on

Managing type 1 diabetes at work comes with it’s own set of challenges, like deciding when to tell your boss & colleagues, scheduling meal times, dealing with discrimination and navigating shift work.

Did you know there are ways to make working with T1D much easier? If you’re getting your hustle on in 2022, continue reading or download Straight to the Point for more in-depth information.


Have a baby

Today, women with type 1 diabetes can expect to have a healthy baby. The key, as with all aspects of diabetes management, is planning.

If you’re looking to plan a pregnancy and put in a little extra work to ensure a healthy baby in 2022, read on to hear about community member Laura’s experience. For more information written by the experts, download Straight to the Point.


Meet new people

So, 2022 is going to be a social year for you! How exciting. The value of talking to other people with type 1 diabetes, and having a strong support network around you (even if they don’t live with T1D themselves), can’t be overestimated.

Read on for more information about connecting with others while living with type 1 diabetes. Plus, you can download Straight to the Point for free to learn more about telling potential employers, dealing with misconceptions in the media and much more.


Be proactive

Type 1 diabetes complications usually develop silently and gradually over time, which is why it’s so important you take charge and be proactive with your health.

Take the first step toward stopping or delaying the progression of diabetes-related complications and read on, or download our free guide for adults today.


Have fun

Your type 1 diabetes shouldn’t prevent you from doing the things you enjoy. You can still enjoy a glass of wine with friends, private time with your partner, a cool beer on a hot day – or even more than one, if you like!

In 2022, it’s time to have your cake and eat it too. Read on for practical tips for having fun with T1D from the experts or download Straight to the Point to explore even more advice.