Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes and travel: helpful tips and resources (video)

June 06, 2023

Heading somewhere on holidays and wondering how to best manage your type 1 diabetes while you’re away – both while you’re in transit and once you arrive?

In our June ‘Let’s Talk T1D’ session, diabetes educator Fiona Scott and JDRF mental health lead Melanie Cullen shared a wealth of tips and information to help you plan and prepare for your next trip.

The chat covered:

  • what to discuss with your endocrinologist or diabetes educator before you leave
  • important papers and information to take with you
  • sick day action plans
  • travel insurance
  • what to pack, including what to put in your carry-on
  • airport tips, including how to deal with security and customs
  • top travel tips and products to take with you
  • and lots more!

Watch the full session now; article continues below the video.


Several websites and fact sheets were shown in the chat. Here’s a list of the type 1 diabetes travel resources mentioned, in order of when they were discussed.

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