T1DCRN Annual Meeting

The T1DCRN Annual Meeting brings together leading Australian scientists and clinicians to drive research progress forward.

The Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for network members to share research progress, explore new collaborative approaches and to shape the strategic direction of the T1DCRN as it expands.

The 2015 Annual Meeting was held on Thursday the 23rd April at the Charles Perkins Centre in Sydney.

The Meeting brought together key leaders in both clinical and basic type 1 diabetes research, as well as other members of the research community, to determine a collaborative model that will integrate network Clinical Centres into a cohesive, effective and progressive national network.

For further information on the 2015 Annual Meeting, the following documents are available for download:

The 2013 T1DCRN Annual Meeting was held in Sydney.

To download the 2013 Meeting Agenda, click here.

Photo: Prof Alan Baxter and Prof Charmaine Simeonovic at the 2015 Annual Meeting.