Type 1 diabetes, pregnancy and life as a new mum (audio & resources)

July 24, 2023

Do you live with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and are thinking about starting a family? Or maybe you’re already pregnant? Our Let’s Talk T1D discussion is for you!

In this chat, a group of women came together to talk about all things type 1 diabetes, pregnancy and being a new mum.

Led by JDRF’s mental health lead Melanie Cullen, we heard personal stories from Laura Hill, a pregnant mum who lives with T1D, and expert advice from Dr Jane Overland, a leading T1D nurse practitioner and co-author of our guide to living well with T1D.

From pregnancy and birth through to breastfeeding, finding a pregnancy-friendly endo and your baby’s health, we covered a huge range of topics and offered lots of helpful advice.

Listen to the audio, then check out the resources below.


Type 1 diabetes and pregnancy: recommended resources

Facebook groups


  • MamaBetes: Created by three Australian women, this podcast covers pregnancy and life as a mum while living with T1D.
  • Australian Birth Stories: This podcast features a wide range of birth stories, with a few episodes focusing on T1D (including Podcast Episode 227: Sarah). There is also a book, which touches on high risk births and T1D (and why mums with T1D are considered high risk), as well as birthing options (including the process of inductions).
  • Type 1 on 1 Diabetes Stories: This episode shares one mum’s story of pregnancy after being diagnosed with T1D.

Downloadable books

  • JDRF’s book, Straight to the Point, offers a wide range of information for adults living with T1D, including a section on women’s health. Get your copy here.
  • NDSS has produced a book on pregnancy, called Having a Healthy Baby. Get your copy here.

Breastfeeding advice

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has some information on breastfeeding with T1D. Laura also recommends speaking to the lactation consultant at your hospital, as well as your diabetes educator or endocrinologist.

Laura’s pregnancy stories