Precision medicine for type 1 diabetes

Precision medicine

About precision medicine

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a complex autoimmune condition that develops and progresses differently for each person, yet treatment currently follows a ‘one size fits all approach’ with limited options for individualisation.

JDRF want to change this and create a future where the right care is delivered to the right person at the right time, tailored to an individual’s genes, environment, and lifestyle.

This is a concept known as ‘precision medicine’ which has been transformational in other disease areas such as cancer.

JDRF Australia believe that precision medicine should also be the future of T1D care. As a critical funder of T1D research, we are leading the way towards a future where we can provide the right treatment, to the right person, at the right time, to ultimately improve the health of those living with or yet to be diagnosed with T1D.

This would mean a future with improved T1D prediction, detection, opportunities to delay the onset of the condition, individualised treatments, and reductions in long-term complications.


Image is an infographic depicting the benefits that precision medicine could being to T1D care. The text says: Prediction: T1D development could be predicted based on information about genes and the environment. Detection: Every Australian child at risk of a T1D diagnosis is identified early through screening, and is monitored closely. Delays: Opportunities to delay progression with therapeutic intervention are unlocked. Treatments: People already diagnosed with T1D can utilise therapies and technologies tailored to their clinical differences and personal preferences. Complication reduction: Complications related to T1D could be reduced or prevented.

Making this future possible

Precision medicine will be central to our research priorities into the next decade, with work already underway.

Already, we have undertaken an extensive consultation process with the brightest minds in research to derive a 10-year vision for T1D precision medicine in Australia.

Our strategy to bring this vision to life is detailed in the report, Towards precision medicine for type 1 diabetes in Australia – a platform for conversations and collaboration.


Download the report


This is accompanied by a summary document, The pathway towards precision medicine for type 1 diabetes.


Download the summary document


For further information, contact:

Dr Miranda Xhilaga
JDRF Australia Senior Program Manager


Dr Dorota Pawlak
JDRF Australia Chief Scientific Officer


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