Exciting partnership: JDRF & SynxBody

May 10, 2024

JDRF Australia has announced a new partnership with SynxBody Australia, an Australian footcare company, in a collaborative move towards enhancing awareness, education and support for Australians living with type 1 Diabetes (T1D). 

SynxBody specialises in premium, affordable footcare products designed to effectively treat common ailments and enhance comfort for people from all walks of life.  

Its partnership with JDRF will focus on SynxBody’s dedication to advancing foot health, particularly for individuals managing T1D, while also reflecting JDRF’s mission to create a world without T1D.  

CEO of SynxBody, Rachael Ferguson, has personal and professional experience with the impact of T1D. As a podiatrist, she has worked with many people from the T1D community, and in 2023, her own son Declan was diagnosed with the condition. This critical moment not only reshaped her family’s perspective but ignited a passionate drive to advocate for and support JDRF, saying that it was a no brainer for them to team up with the organisation. 

“Our expertise in this area complements JDRF’s work beautifully. By partnering with JDRF, we’re not just supporting their vital research and advocacy; we’re also helping to educate and empower people living with T1D to prevent foot complications.”   

The new partnership includes a generous commitment from SynxBody to donate $1.00 from every online order to JDRF. Rachael expressed her dedication, stating, “We see this as a long-term commitment, with many more initiatives in the pipeline.”  

JDRF Australia CEO, Mike Wilson OAM, has welcomed the partnership, thanking SynxBody for their commitment to JDRF and T1D advancements. 

“We are thrilled to have SynxBody on board as a partner and thank them greatly for the funds they will help generate for JDRF. This makes a huge difference for the work we can undertake to push us closer to finding cures and improving lives in the community, which we know is a deeply personal hope for Rachael and her family as well.”  



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