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National Diabetes Week 2022: Diabetes stigma and your mental health  

July 07, 2022

Did you know that four out of every five people living with diabetes have experienced stigma?  

A 2021 study by the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes found that more than 80% of people with diabetes “have been judged, blamed, shamed, or treated differently due to their diabetes”. This can, in turn, often lead to a negative impact on the mental health and wellbeing of those living with diabetes.  

During National Diabetes Week 2022, JDRF Australia is shining a light on this stigma and the effects it can have on the emotional wellbeing of those living with T1D.  

We’ll be sharing lots of advice and resources to help support the mental health of those living with T1D, as well as information to help break the stigma around this often misunderstood condition.  

National Diabetes Week 2022

You are not alone  

You don’t need to be in crisis mode to find support and work on your mental health. You can join a support group (JDRF Australia runs Facebook groups for parents/carers of those newly diagnosed with T1D, and for people with T1D who are aged 14-24 years, or 25 and over.   

You might like to join our Peer Support Program to chat with someone who knows what it’s like to live with T1D.  

You can also check out our guide to where to find mental health support.  

This National Diabetes Week, we’ll be sharing handy resources and information to help those living with T1D.  

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