Meet Linda Zanette, JDRF Peer Support Volunteer

May 18, 2022
Linda Zanette, JDRF Peer Support Volunteer

This week is National Volunteer Week, where we acknowledge and thank volunteers across Australia for the incredible work they do! We caught up with one of our JDRF volunteers, Linda Zanette, who currently volunteers at JDRF’s Peer Support Program, where she offers support and encouragement to parents of children recently diagnosed with T1D.

What drew you to volunteer at JDRF?  

As a retired Credentialed Diabetes Educator and a person living with type 1 diabetes, I have had a lot of involvement with JDRF both professionally and personally, so I was aware of the amazing support this organisation provides to the community. Following my retirement I wanted to continue my support of the T1D community, therefore I approached JDRF.

What does your volunteer work at JDRF involve?

I work as a volunteer for the JDRF Peer Support Program (PSP). Approximately 6 weeks after a child is diagnosed with T1D we make contact via phone to their parents, to see how they are adjusting to their child’s diagnosis. During this call we offer access to this free program, where they can receive support from another parent who has been managing their child’s diabetes for some time.     

How do you hope to impact the T1D community through your volunteering efforts?

It has been very rewarding to offer some support and encouragement to parents who are at times feeling overwhelmed and worried following their child’s diagnosis.  Most parents are very grateful for this contact and appreciate that JDRF offers this service to support them.  

What is a highlight during your time volunteering at JDRF?

Listening to parents who want to share the highs and lows of their child’s diabetes journey has been very rewarding. So many times I have been told “thanks for listening to me” and that continues to be a highlight of this role.                                             

What would you say to others who are also considering doing volunteer work?

Everyone has something to offer and there are so many organisations who desperately need volunteers to keep their worthwhile work continuing. Volunteering also provides me with many benefits including friendship, purpose, self worth and personal satisfaction of being able to help others.