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Media Release: ALP’S $50M Funding Commitment Welcome News For Type 1 Diabetes

January 13, 2019

JDRF welcomes the news today that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has committed to continued support of the Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network (CRN), if elected to power in the 2019 election.

The $50m, over five years, will ensure the world-class research delivered to date can be expanded upon and continue to deliver for Australians with type 1 diabetes.

The CRN plays an integral role in supporting world class Australian research into the cure, prevention and treatment of type 1 diabetes. The CRN is vital to all Australians with type 1 diabetes who will continue to have access to innovative clinical trials while researchers will be able to work together with Australian and international colleagues to ensure that innovations and discoveries can be translated from the lab into safe, effective treatments.

Commenting on the announcement, head of research development at JDRF and the director of the CRN, Dr. Dorota Pawlak says, “Today is a momentous day for all those living with,  and working on a cure for type 1 diabetes. The CRN has the patient benefit as its primary goal and endeavours to bridge the gap between the discovery in the lab and translation to meaningful treatments. The continuation of the CRN will accelerate our progress into the causes of type 1, how we can treat it and hopefully stop it. Our goal is a world without type 1 diabetes, which requires a transformative and coordinated approach of all stakeholders. We are delighted that the ALP can see this and will support our vision if elected.”

Acting CEO of JDRF, Angela McKay, says that this commitment is testament to the type 1 diabetes community and their advocacy.  “Over the past two years, JDRF advocates and their families have held over 200 meetings with local MPs, decision makers and stakeholders. Over 100 advocates, their families and JDRF staff descended on parliament house in August 2018 to remind federal politicians of the importance of research funding. We are incredibly pleased that the ALP has heard our calls that research holds the key and intend on maintaining the fine work of the CRN, if elected. From JDRF, our board and staff and our advocates and community we serve, we say thank you”.

To date, the CRN, which was started with a $5 million grant by the ALP in 2010 and received a further $35m of support from the coalition in in 2014, has ensured over 13,000 Australians have contributed to a greater understanding of type 1 diabetes and has seen eleven world first studies being conducted here in Australia. One of the intended next projects would be increase the understanding of the natural history and causes and of type 1 diabetes, potentially leading to novel prevention approaches . Eventually  it would provide doctors with critical information that would help with the earlier detection of the autoimmune process that leads to  type 1 diabetes, allowing for early specialised care and minimising hospital admissions. Research such as this would only be possible through a vehicle like the CRN.

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