JDRF International to Support Civica to Manufacture and Distribute Low-Cost Insulin

March 07, 2022

What has been announced?

JDRF International has joined forces with a number of leading advocacy groups in the United States to provide financial support for Civica Inc., a non-profit generic drug manufacturing company. The project will manufacture and distribute low-cost biosimilar insulin options to enable anyone in the United States to purchase insulin for no more than $30 per vial or $55USD per set of five pens, regardless of insurance status. In the US, insulin can be as expensive as $300USD a vial.

Why is JDRF International choosing this approach?

The support of Civica’s initiative is consistent with our mission: “Improving lives today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent, and treat T1D and its complications through research, advocacy, and community engagement.” By making insulin more affordable, people who depend on insulin will be more likely to follow the course of care prescribed by their doctors.

Does this announcement affect Australia?

The announcement has no impact on supply or manufacture of insulin in Australia.

We are fortunate in Australia to have a centralised, Federal system for medicine reimbursement, with substantial existing subsidies and without the complex web of co-pays and rebates that have been driving up insulin prices in the US. Additionally, there is no central program in the US similar to the NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme).

How do the costs of insulin compare between Australia and the US?

In the US, a vial of insulin can be as high as $300USD (a little over $400AUD) today. In Australia, once subsidies are taken into account (and not including pre-filled pens) insulin costs $8.50AUD a vial or less.

Is JDRF Australia involved in supporting this initiative?

No. JDRF International (based in the US) is involved.