JDRF Australia and DrimTel announce new partnership

October 03, 2023

JDRF Australia and newly launched telco provider, DrimTel, have announced they are partnering in a move that will support type 1 diabetes (T1D) research breakthroughs while providing the community with technological solutions.

DrimTel, which offers Mobile SIM Only, Data Only, and nbn® Plans for residential and business customers, was founded by Ljupco (Lj) Taneski after his daughter, Caterina, was diagnosed with T1D.

Combining his entrepreneurial skills with a cause close to his heart, DrimTel was created to support the needs of the T1D community, with many relying on technology to power T1D management devices, while creating a way for the family to donate to JDRF Australia.

We spoke to Lj about about his family’s experience with a T1D diagnosis and the vision for DrimTel:

The world of T1D

“Caterina was only five years old when she was diagnosed with T1D two years ago. We had no family history, no knowledge of the condition. It was completely out of the blue.

“When reflecting on what this experience was like, tough is probably understatement. We were thinking: ‘what is type 1? Why did this happen? What did we do wrong? Why our daughter (which can be selfish)?’.

“Gaining medical degrees was not a goal for my wife or I, but our T1D journey has led to a fast-tracked version with no choice but to pass the exams.

“As we’re sure is the case for so many T1D parents, our daughter has continued to astound us since her diagnosis. She is so positive in adversity and has become an advocate in educating all who are keen to gain a better understanding of T1D.”

The vision behind DrimTel

“Following Caterina’s diagnosis, we recognised the technologies associated with managing T1D required telecommunication services. At the same time, we were considering how we could give back to JDRF Australia, and support research aimed at cures and improving lives.

“That’s when the idea for DrimTel was born: a telco that can power the medical devices the T1D community use and need every day, with an option to share some of our proceeds to organisations making a difference.

“We believe this is the next frontier in terms of social repurposing of funds into research for human diseases. Just like JDRF, we’re keen to be leading the charge by donating 50% of profits by our customers simply paying their telco bills.”

What DrimTel offers

DrimTel offers Mobile SIM Only, Data Only, and nbn® Plans for residential and business customers.

Recognising the ~131,000 T1D people in Australia, DrimTel are running a 13.1% discount on all services offered to coincide with the launch and partnership with JDRF Australia.

DrimTel uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, learn more here.

DrimTel’s hope for the future

“Dealing with the daily challenges is a must, but it does not mean we have accepted this as our new norm. Every day it sits in our mind knowing that one mistake can lead to consequences.

“The current journey – no cure – we’re on, does not mean it is our final destination.

“The dream is for a cure. To have T1D eliminated for the millions of people worldwide, giving people like our daughter their normal life back from a life sentence that no crime was committed for.”

JDRF Australia CEO, Mike Wilson OAM, has welcomed the partnership, thanking DrimTel for their commitment to JDRF Australia and advancements for T1D.

As Lj and his family know all too well, T1D is a challenging condition to manage, and JDRF Australia are doing everything we can find cures and improve lives.

This would not be possible without support of our corporate partners, who help make groundbreaking research possible.

We look forward to working with DrimTel on our journey to a world without T1D.

Learn more about DrimTel and the services they offer here.

Learn more about the research JDRF Australia funds here.