How JDRF’s #AccessForAll Campaign Has Delivered Impact for The Type 1 Diabetes Community 

May 23, 2022

JDRF Australia’s advocacy program exists to support two primary goals. Firstly, to help health policy progress at the same rate as type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, treatments and therapies, so that the type 1 community can access the benefits as soon as possible; and secondly, to secure funding to support JDRF’s research advancements.  

The program is powered by advocate volunteers across the country, operating through a bipartisan, community driven approach that aims to ensure all federal representatives understand what life with T1D is like, and the change their support can make.  

What JDRF’s Advocacy Efforts Have Helped Achieve 

JDRF’s advocacy efforts have fundamentally changed the way that Government understands and invests in T1D, with significant Government funding committed to help change the lives of all Australians living with T1D since JDRF’s inception.  

The program has also helped deliver a T1D-focused policy in every election cycle since 2004, from establishing the Insulin Pump Program that provides pumps to those who cannot otherwise afford them, to securing funding for the Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network which connects and funds the best and brightest T1D researchers in Australia.  

Delivering #AccessForAll  

Most recently, the advocacy program helped secure a $273.1m bipartisan commitment for subsidised access to Continuous and Flash Glucose Monitors for people of all ages. These technologies help make T1D management easier, simple, and more accurate, and were previously subsidised only until the age of 21. Costing up to $5000 out of pocket each year, this meant that many Australians were priced out of access after their 21st birthday.  

JDRF Australia is the only T1D organisation in the country with the capability to drive advocacy on this level and ensure that research and health policy progress in parallel. JDRF is also the biggest funder of type 1 diabetes research in Australia from lab to clinical trials to improved therapies and potential cures. We will continue our focus on improving the lives of people with type 1 diabetes until we can create a world without this condition.  

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