The JDRF CRN Symposium 2023 Presentations

The JDRF CRN Symposium recently took place in Sydney, bringing together a multidisciplinary network of scientific and non-scientific experts to showcase the lifechanging research that CRN-funding has made possible over the past decade, as well as the funding’s impact on the T1D research environment and T1D research ecosystem.

If you were unable to attend or would like to revisit some of the Presentations, please click the applicable heading to view the recording.

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Download a comprehensive summary of the CRN symposium here.

Day One Presentations

Welcome and Opening –  JDRF CRN SYMPOSIUM T1Decade of Research Progress – Past & Future

• Mr Mike Wilson OAM, Chief Executive Officer JDRF Australia – Acknowledgement of country and welcome
• The Hon Mark Butler, Minister for Health and Aged Care – Opening address
• Young type 1 diabetes (T1D) research advocates
• Dr. Dorota Pawlak, Chief Scientific Officer JDRF Australia – Overview of the Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network
• Prof. Mark Atkinson, Director, University of Florida Diabetes Institute – Introduction to the JDRF Clinical Research Network Symposium

Keynote speakers – Early Diagnosis

• Patient voice
• Prof Jennifer Couper – The first 1000 Days
• Prof Marian Rewers – Paradigm shifts in prevention and treatment of T1D

Rapid Fire – Early Diagnosis

• Prof John Wentworth – An overview of the Type1Screen program since its inception in 2019
• Dr Kirstine Bell – Paving the way towards a national screening program for type 1 diabetes all Australian children
• A/Prof Emma Hamilton-Williams – Targeting the gut microbiota to prevent type 1 diabetes
• Dr Ki Wook Kim – Antiviral vaccines for primary prevention of type 1 diabetes

Panel Discussion – Primary Prevention

Prof Marian Rewers, Prof Jennifer Couper, Prof Edwin Kirk AO, A/Prof John Wentworth, Prof Maria Craig, Prof William Rawlinson, Ms Melanie Cullen, Ms Renza Scibilia, Dr Gina Agiostratidou

Morning Recap Day One

Highlights, learnings, barriers and where to next in early diagnosis and prevention
Presenter: A/Prof Emma Hamilton-Williams

Keynote speakers – Intercepting and Delaying

• Patient voice
• Prof Colin Dayan – Moving towards insulin-free T1D….what is stopping us?
• Prof Thomas Kay – The BANDIT trial – where to next?
• Dr Leni (Eleanor) Ramos – Disease modifying therapies – Teplizumab

Hot Topic – Disease Modifying Therapies

• Prof Ranjeny Thomas AM – New therapies/learnings from other autoimmune diseases
• Dr Irina Buckle – RAGE targeted therapies for T1D prevention
• Prof Helen Thomas – JAK inhibitors/ target validation/BANDIT
• Dr Andrew Sutherland – Contemporary immunology of T1D: exploring new frontiers and opportunities

Panel Discussion – Opportunities and Barriers

Prof Tom Kay, Prof Colin Dayan, Prof Ranjeny Thomas AM, Prof Kim Donaghue, Prof Simon Barry, Prof Fabienne Mackay, Ms Christine Garberg, Dr Elanor Ramos, Dr Sanjoy Dutta, Dr Katja Beitat

Afternoon Recap Day One

Highlights, learnings, barriers and new directions in intercepting and delaying the course of T1D development.
Presenter: A/Prof Tony Hunyh

Day Two Presentations

Keynote speakers – Beta Cell Replacement and Regeneration

• Patient voice
• Prof Mark Atkinson – Lessons from nPOD and the Human Islet Network
• Prof Natasha Rogers – Tailoring the success of islet transplantation
• Prof Shane Grey – From the silk road to human trial – gene therapy for type 1 diabetes?

Pechahucha Style Presentations – Beta Cell Replacement and Regeneration

• Dr Jacqui Schiesser – Stem cells
• Prof Peter Thorn – How to improve beta cell function within an implant
• Prof Sam El-Osta – EZH2 Inhibition influences pancreatic progenitor capacity
• Prof Anand Hardikar – Bio-markers of beta cell decline

Panel Discussion – Beta Cell Replacement and Regeneration Future Directions

Prof Philip O’Connell, Prof Wayne Hawthorne, Prof Stephen Alexander, Prof Shane Grey, A/Prof Jane Holmes-Walker, Prof Peter Thorn, Prof Sof Andrikopoulos, Dr John Males, Mr John Waszczuk

Morning Recap Day Two

Highlights, learnings, barriers and future directions in beta cell replacement and regeneration
Presenter: Prof Natasha Rogers

Keynote Speakers – Technologies Adjunct Therapies Adoption and Policy

• Patient voice
• Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite – Implementation, adoption and policy in the health system of 2030
• Prof Mark Cooper AO – Adjunct therapies
• A/Prof Sybil McAuley – Advanced Technologies
• Prof Timothy Jones – Equity of access
• Prof Louise Maple-Brown – Challenges of T1D care/disadvantaged and remote populations
• Prof Joshua Byrnes – Applied Health Economics
• Prof Jane Speight – Quality of life matters in the use of glycaemic technologies

Panel Discussion – Embedding New Therapies and New Technologies Across Patients of All Ages

• Screening
• Replacement therapies
• Repurposed drugs
• Adjunct therapies
• Advanced technologies
Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite, Prof Mark Cooper AO, A/Prof Sybil McAuley, Prof Timothy Jones, Prof Louise Maple-Brown, Prof Joshua Byrnes, Prof Jane Speight, Mr Jonathan Salmon, Prof Fergus Cameron, Dr Laura Knecht, Dr Ben Nash

Afternoon Recap – Embedding New Therapies And New Technologies Across T1D Patients of All Ages 

Highlights, learnings, barriers and where to next in implementation of outcomes in T1D – advanced technologies, adjunct therapies, adoption, and policy
Presenter: Prof Elizabeth Davis

Closing Remarks

Closing remarks by JDRF’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Dorota Pawlak