How your gift can help make history: Research that’s changing the future of type 1 diabetes

May 24, 2023

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a condition which currently affects over 130,000 Australians, with a further 8 people diagnosed each day. JDRF has a vision of turning these numbers to zero and creating a world where T1D does not exist.

How? By supporting the most promising research focused on finding cures and improving lives until that happens…and YOU can help us by supporting JDRF on their upcoming Giving Day, where each donation will be DOUBLED to support life-changing research.


Here’s a look at some of the incredible researchers you’ll be supporting who are changing the future of T1D.

“I’m passionate about creating a future that’s free for people to not develop type 1 diabetes” – Prof. Josephine Forbes, T1D Researcher

You have a special opportunity to support these incredible researchers and help make us make history. On June 1st, every donation to JDRF will be DOUBLED to support life-changing research. That means every dollar will be multiplied by 2 by businesses, philanthropists and charitable trusts who are committed to improving lives and curing type 1 diabetes.

You can make a head start and donate anytime from now until June 1st – and watch your donation DOUBLE once Giving Day goes live! Make your impact here.