Type One Summit Adult Program

Type One Summit

Our curated program is designed to help you live (and thrive) with T1D, giving you unrivalled access to leading experts in T1D research and management from Australia and around the world.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others in the community from across Australia and learn more about the latest tech. Feel free to explore the program below. This program is preliminary and subject to change. Please note all times are AEDT.

9:30am AEDT - Plenary session

Welcome from JDRF Australia

Join Mike Wilson OAM and Dorota Pawlak to kick off Type One Summit. As 2021 marks 100 years since the discovery of insulin, this will be a special acknowledgement of the milestone, reflecting on the research breakthroughs of the last 100 years and drawing a line in the sand as we look to the future of T1D research in Australia.

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10:15am AEDT - Keynote address from Sébastien Sasseville

One step at a time

Sébastien Sasseville has climbed to the top of Everest and ran across Canada with type one diabetes. Today, he inspires patients and families living with diabetes to dream big, but to approach challenges one step at a time with consistency, discipline and purpose. This uplifting session will help you to make diabetes an ally and it will give you the energy and motivation to power through your goals!

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11:00am AEDT - Morning Tea & Speed Dating with our Partners

It’s time to take a break! Grab a cup of tea and visit one of our partners to learn about the latest T1D technology. We will take you through how to do so on the day.

11:15am AEDT - How to keep your health professionals on their toes and focused on you

How to keep your health professionals on their toes and focused on you!

People who have diabetes see their version of diabetes up close. How do you get your diabetes health professionals to do the same thing? Especially frustrating is the health professional not listening to you. How do you get them to respond to you in the way you want them to?

Kirrily Chambers, an Advanced Practicing Pharmacist and Credentialled Diabetes Educator, and Jayne Lehmann, Registered Nurse Credentialled Diabetes Educator, will share their combined 74 years of diabetes focussed experience to chat in their down to earth style about your healthcare rights, examples of situations where a health professional has tuned out and some suggestions on how to get them back onto YOUR track. Discussion/Question time included.

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11:45am AEDT - Diabetes technology 101: When turning off and turning on your pancreas fails to reset it (doesn't work), what are your options?

Diabetes technology 101: When turning off and turning on your pancreas fails to reset it (doesn’t work), what are your options?

Living with type 1 diabetes is demanding. It’s been described as a full time job nobody wants, cannot resign from with no pay or leave. It’s a life-long relationship with blood-sugar levels, finger pricks, carb counting, insulin injections and, on occasion, disapproving and judgemental health care providers and concerned others.

The tools we have to manage diabetes sometimes feel ineffectual, blunt instruments and even downright dangerous.

But, it’s getting better. One of our greatest allies in the daily battle against T1D is the advancement of new technologies. Gary Kilov introduces you to potential options to address the challenges of living with T1D utilising contemporary insulin delivery, glucose sensing and the convergence of the technologies.

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12:15pm AEDT - Together, apart: Connecting through our shared stories with Beta Change

Together, apart: Connecting through our shared stories with Beta Change

Stories about living with diabetes remind us that there’s always a person behind the condition: a traveller scrambling to change a pump battery during a 14-hour flight, or a mum dealing with hypos while breastfeeding, or an adventurer taking diabetes into the wilderness.

Join the Beta Change team, made up of five advocates from Australia, Singapore, and the United States, in a panel discussion full of unique stories (including working on the front lines and recovering from COVID-19) that will leave you feeling empowered to ask questions, share your own story, and connect with the global diabetes community. Be prepared to laugh, cry, smile and grimace at both familiar and left-of-field tales from all over the world – and perhaps even share your own experiences, too!

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1:00pm AEDT - Lunch & Speed Dating with our Partners

Enjoy half an hour for lunch, or take this time to connect with one of our partners who will be available throughout the day in exciting virtual stalls to provide information and live chat about the latest technology.

1:30pm AEDT - Technology: Patient Perspective Q&A

Technology: Patient perspective Q&A

Suzanne Culph, Head of Government Relations and Advocacy at JDRF Australia, hosts a facilitated discussion with patients on their personal choice of technology – deep diving into the details and pros and cons of each.

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2:00pm AEDT - Movement is medicine

Movement is medicine.

In this session, Drew Harrisberg will be sharing a personal story and pivotal moment about exercise with diabetes. Then, he’ll cover off the different modes of exercise and how they all have unique impacts on your BGLs based on heart rate and intensity. He’ll get to the bottom of some scientific mechanisms for why exercise is so effective for managing all types of diabetes and discuss the difference between physical activity and exercise. This session will be an interactive open discussion.

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2:30pm AEDT - Speed Dating with our Partners

Your last chance to connect with the partners who brought Type One Summit to life and access their gold mine of knowledge and expertise on T1D technology.

2:50pm AEDT - Straight to the Point: Tips and Tricks to living your life to the full

Straight to the Point: Tips and Tricks to living your life to the full.

JDRF’s Straight to the Point is the ‘go to’ resource for adults living with type 1 diabetes. In this session, Jane Overland, one of the co-authors of this landmark book, as well as a few of people who are living their lives to the full, will share the tips and tricks they have learnt along the way.

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3:30pm AEDT - Type One Summit conclude

The final wrap up!

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