Type One Summit

Type One

Australia’s number one event on living (and thriving) with type 1 diabetes went NATIONAL with a virtual event in 2021 – and you can access the content for free until 21 May.

Until 21 May 2021, more people than ever can access the expertise of a stellar team of healthcare professionals, researchers and inspirational community members who covered a variety of subjects important to the T1D community in March.

Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis, have lived with T1D for many years, or care for someone with T1D, you’ll find value in the engaging and informative webinars on the JDRF Type One Summit platform.

By registering to access the Type One Summit platform, you’ll hear about:

The latest treatments

Technology Updates

The psychosocial aspects of living with type 1 diabetes

T1D and exercise

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