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Neonatal Diabetes

Neonatal Diabetes is a rare form of Diabetes that develops in babies under 6 months old. Neonatal Diabetes is caused by a change in a single gene. Treatment for Neonatal Diabetes varies depending on which gene is affected. Neonatal Diabetes may be either transient or permanent. Transient Neonatal Diabetes typically disappears during infancy, but may reappear during adolescence. Permanent Neonatal Diabetes is a lifelong condition. A genetic test can be used to confirm Neonatal Diabetes and work out which gene is affected. It is important to know which gene is the culprit, as treatment varies accordingly. Some forms of Neonatal Diabetes may require insulin injections, while others are treated using drugs to boost insulin production in the pancreas.

N.B. Because it’s very rare, babies with Neonatal Diabetes may mistakenly be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Evidence suggests however that Type 1 Diabetes is not found in babies under 6 months old. If you or your child were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes under the age of 6 months, speak to your healthcare team.