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The Australasian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN) appoints a new Medical Director

September 18, 2020

JDRF is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof Maria Craig in a new role as Medical Director of the Australasian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN). Prof Craig has a wealth of experience as a paediatric endocrinologist and clinical researcher, and has worked as a principal investigator on the ADDN project. In her new role as Medical Director, Prof Craig will provide clinical and strategic guidance for ADDN and develop a new vision for the project as it enters an exciting new phase.

Prof Maria Craig

What is ADDN?

ADDN is a database of de-identified health information about people with T1D, gathered from clinics across Australia and New Zealand. It is the only database of its kind in Australasia.

Technology has enabled hospitals and clinics to replace paper-based medical records with large digital databases of health information. Essentially, ADDN is a way of bringing these digital medical records from many different clinics and hospitals together onto a single platform.

What is ADDN used for?

ADDN allows researchers and clinicians to look at large amounts of data on how people with T1D are being cared for, with the aim of improving health outcomes for people with T1D. By looking at national trends, researchers can identify the areas that individual clinics and hospitals need to focus on to improve outcomes. ADDN is also used to evaluate the success of interventions like continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), and data from ADDN was instrumental in the Federal Government’s decision to expand access to subsidized CGM last year.

What does the new Medical Director role involve?

The Medical Director of ADDN will be responsible for developing and overseeing a new vision and purpose for the next phase of ADDN. Over the next 4 years, they will provide clinical and strategic guidance to ensure that ADDN continues to improve clinical care for people with T1D across Australia and New Zealand.

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