Be a Game Changer

Clinical trials change the game

Clinical trials are the final step before new products and therapies are made available to those who need them. One of the biggest barriers to running successful clinical trials is having the right participants. Recognising this gap, JDRF created the T1D Game Changer program.

As a Gamechanger:
  • You’ll be the first to find out about upcoming trials in Australia
  • You’ll be the first to find out about trials that are currently recruiting and how to get involved
  • You’ll receive information about exciting developments in T1D research
  • You’ll hear from other Australians who have participated in clinical trials 

People with and without Type 1 Diabetes are needed to join. There is no cost involved to sign up and once you have signed up, there is no obligation to participate in trials if you don’t want to. All ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Become a T1D Game Changer today.

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