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Keep it Calm

Mental health support for adults with type 1 diabetes

Keep it

Type 1 diabetes shouldn’t be a barrier to living your life to the full.

Your adult years are an important time to gain independence, have adventures and share your life with others – and we’re here to tell you type 1 diabetes can come along with you on this incredible journey! With the right information, help and support, you can achieve anything.

Facilitated by mental health expert Angie Manzke, these regular sessions will help you ‘keep it calm’ as you ride the rollercoaster that is life with type 1 diabetes. You’ll:

  • Connect with other adults about living with type 1 diabetes
  • Express yourself in a non-judgemental environment; and,
  • Learn strategies to help improve your self-awareness, motivation and mental wellbeing.
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What’s on offer?

Using art therapy to unpack how to create our ‘wise mind’ during stress and how past experiences do not have to keep us feeling stuck

Bring your art materials to explore how to regulate your mind during stressful diabetes moments. Once you understand how your mind works, you can use it to create what we call a ‘wise mind’, which is how your brain operates when you are at your best. Unlock the power to have everyday useful tools to get a balance in your life and your relationships.

Learn to understand your anxiety or depression to free yourself. It does not define you!

Do you ever have thoughts that get you down and feel obsessive? The inner voice can be a powerful source. Together we will discuss:

  • Common unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Tips on how to understand ourselves and change our thinking to motivate good diabetes habits; and,
  • How to live a life with less anxiety.

We will also discuss how acceptance of diabetes and the current global stressors can be an overwhelming task. Finally, we will share how others are coping with this and learn how we can radically accept things we cannot change to find our inner calmness.

More about Angie

Angie has worked with people living with diabetes for 10 years. She is a social worker and psychotherapist with a masters in mental health. She has written several resources for people living with diabetes. Angie has been a international and national speaker on diabetes and mental health. Angie currently works in a adult hospital facilitating art therapy to help people make sense of their anxiety and reduce the stress in their life and relationships.


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