Breathe: a course for parents of kids living with T1D

Join us for our free online series on type 1 diabetes and your family in October.

Breathe: a course for parents of kids

Are you the parent of a child aged up to 12 years who lives with type 1 diabetes (T1D)? You’re invited to join us in October!  

This three-part series will offer support, information and hope to parents and carers of children who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

What will be covered?

Made up of three sessions, each one around 60 minutes long, and hosted by psychologist and JDRF’s mental health lead Melanie Cullen, we’ll discuss strategies and skills to help you and your family through life with T1D.

In these sessions we’ll create a space where you can share your experiences and struggles, listen to those like you, and ultimately be able to recognise your strengths, feeling validated and hopeful for the future.

In sessions 1 and 2, we’ll: 

  • talk about childhood development and age-appropriate expectations, and how to balance these with T1D
  • look at how to not let diabetes intrude on your parenting style, focussing on the importance of parenting from a loving, supportive and confident space
  • support you with ways you can help your children understand and regulate their emotions (while giving you some strategies to do so yourself!)
  • look at how we can sometimes get tripped up by our thinking and expectations (both ours and others), and explore strategies to support this
  • learn to ask the question “Is it you, them, or diabetes?”, discussing T1D specific scenarios at different ages and stages
  • discuss how you can use connection, validation, hope and kindness so your whole family can live well, with T1D coming along for the ride!  

The third session will:

  • remind you of the key takeaways from the earlier sessions
  • talk about how siblings can be impacted by a T1D diagnosis
  • let you ask about anything else you’d like more information on.  

Get to know Melanie Cullen here.

The details

Session 1: Thursday, October 12th, 8pm AEDT (See what time 8pm AEDT is in your state or territory)
Session 2: Thursday, October 19th, 8pm AEDT
Follow-up session: Thursday, October 26th, 8pm AEDT

Where: Zoom
Cost: Free
How to register: Fill out the form below and we’ll then send out the Zoom link.

We hope you can join us for this informative, helpful and supportive series.

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