Breathe: a course for parents of kids newly diagnosed with T1D

Join us for our free online series on type 1 diabetes and your family's mental health.

Breathe: a course for parents of kids

Has T1D recently joined your family? You’re invited to join us for our Breathe sessions.

Made up two sessions, this series will offer support, information and hope to parents and carers of children who have recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Please note this course is aimed at managing and supporting your child’s emotions and mental health after diagnosis, rather than advice on managing their diabetes. For practical T1D tips and advice, check out ourLet’s Talk T1D’ series.  

What will be covered?

In these 60-minute sessions, hosted by psychologist and JDRF’s mental health lead Melanie Cullen, we’ll look at ways to understand the impact of a diagnosis – not only on your child, but on yourself and the rest of your family. You’ll be able to share your stories, hear others’ experiences, and validate your feelings as you adjust to your ‘new normal’.

We’ll also discuss strategies to make sure you’re looking after yourself too (after all, you’re just as important as your child!).

In these sessions we’ll create a space where you can share your experiences and struggles, listen to those like you, and ultimately be able to recognise your strengths, feeling validated and hopeful for the future.

Get to know Melanie Cullen here.

The details

When: 8pm AEST, Thursday August 10th & Thursday August 17th
(That’s 8pm in ACT/NSW/Qld/Tas/Vic; 7.30pm in NT/SA; 6pm in WA)

Where: Zoom

Cost: Free

How to register: Fill out the form below – we’ll then send you the Zoom link.  

We hope you can join us for this informative, helpful series.

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