JDRF Australia welcomes significant commitment to improving lives of Australian type 1 diabetes (T1D) community

April 17, 2022

Coalition commitment of $273.1M will make technology access a reality for 130,000 Australians living with T1D.

JDRF, Australia’s largest organisation dedicated to T1D research and advocacy, welcomes the significant commitment to T1D technology access announced today by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Currently, many people lose access to this technology, which is shown to improve short- and long-term T1D health outcomes, when they reach 21.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO of JDRF Australia Mike Wilson OAM said “This is a momentous announcement for the T1D community. Without commitments like these, people living with T1D are looking at having to fund CGMs themselves when they turn 21, costing up to $5,000 a year, or missing out altogether.

“We commend the Coalition for this commitment to end the inequity and unfairness faced by many Australians with T1D. Those living with this disease already manage significant challenges and the cost of funding basic care need not be added. On behalf of the entire T1D community, our tireless advocates, supporters, our partners in the Diabetes Alliance, and staff, who have together helped make this happen, we say thank you.”

Madison Sparrow, 17-year-old Victorian who was diagnosed with T1D almost a decade ago, agrees that this announcement could signal a sigh of relief for everyone impacted by T1D, saying: “I have already spent years worrying about how I will afford my glucose monitoring technology when I turn 21, and this commitment goes a long way to removing that anxiety.

“Technology makes managing type 1 diabetes so much simpler and more accurate but covering the cost yourself is really difficult and for some people, it’s impossible. This commitment would mean that I and everyone in the T1D community will be able to plan for our lives without also having to plan for paying for our health.”

Mr. Wilson states that for people like Madison, it is vital that this commitment becomes a reality.
“Today is a testament to the power of community-driven advocacy and passionate people like Madison who are vigorously representing the T1D community to MPs, Ministers and the wider community. We welcome this commitment and look forward to seeing come to fruition.