Jane Hennessy

My type 1 hope

I have had Type 1 Diabetes since 1980, at that time I was 11 years old and tested my sugar levels with urine in a test tube, that was 41 long years ago and not very accurate to manage sugar levels. Technology for managing diabetes has really improved since those days, but I am still injecting with flex pens 5-6x a day and checking BGLs with finger pricks 5~6 x a day. I work 4 days a week, I am not eligible for any subsidies for CGM OR insulin pump, I hope that all people with type 1 qualify for fully subsidised products that help keep us alive and healthy. I hope there will be a cure very soon, I can’t imagine what life is like without hypos, high BGLs and the constant monitoring of my blood levels, meals, not having to worry my family, friends, work colleagues. I hope We can live a life free of these constant battles we face every day to stay healthy.


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