Nicole May

My type 1 hope

I hope that one day very very soon, anyone living with type 1 diabetes can receive subsidised CGM and Insulin pumps to help stay alive not just for for people on healthcare, concession card, or the other approved conditions as listed on there site. It should be for any one who is living with T1D, there are a lot of people living with this deadly disease, who are not on any health care benefits and do not come under any of the requirements of being able to receive these products discounted or for free. The cost of these products are extremely expensive for the average working person to be able to afford. The cost of these equipment is out of most peoples range, having equipment more affordable would help everyone who is coping living with Type 1 diabetes not have to worry about the financial cost of these products. This would help people monitor there sugars more effectively and to be able to live a longer more healthier life without the worries. I have Type 1 diabetes and have had to deal with this deadly disease for over 33 years. I have seen lots of changes over these years with different products, but the thing I’m get most annoyed about is that, is that people with type 1 diabetics didn’t asked to get this horrible disease and that the government doesn’t help fund these products more, so that everyone can affordable to use these products, so we can all live a better life without the worries of high and low sugar levels every minute of our day. Having products like the CMG and the Insulin Pumps on the PPS would help everyone living with this disease have a better control of there sugar levels as with the CMG you no longer have to prick your finger and can monitor it more frequently.

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