Alison Fuller

My type 1 hope

End game = CURE!
In the mean time, we could work on the transition into adulthood for T1D.
I was diagnosed in 1988, I was 10.
I was sent to Camperdown childrens hospital in Sydney where I stayed in the Sailing League ward, a ward for children diagnosed with T1D.
My family attended education classes in our two week stay we were all educated very well and left semi confident after being able to put into practice the stuff we had learned in the hospital whilst still under the watchful eye of medical professionals.
once home, we attended regular clinics at the local community health centre where I would see dieticians, eye specialists, diabetic educators etc all in one place on the same day. Along with an outstanding pediatrician, management of my diabetes was greatly assisted by these experiences.
Then I became an adult.
18 years old.
No more clinic invites.
No more pediatrician.
I am now 43.
With a lot of hard work and blessing, I am complication free and have born two beautiful children.
My diabetes has been self managed pretty much since I turned 18.
Diabetic educators aren’t sure what to tell a 43 year old woman in regards to T1D.
We are no longer juvenile.
And we certainly do not have T2D. Haha.
Now they’re confused and ask what you’ve done in the past.
One educator actually rang me for advice? So…. haha.
My hope is that adults with T1D will have access to the facilities juveniles have.
The screaming example here would be that I currently pay $100 per fortnight to have a constant glucose monitoring system.
Because I am not under 18 and because thankfully I do not have secondary illness like cystic fibrosis, I am not entitled to the subsidy for the sensors. I do not fit the criteria for heath care benefits either.
This sucks.
Hope, hope and pray change comes for those of us out here who have given and continue to give the management of their T1D a decent crack.
And then hope again for a cure! xx

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