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Government announces Omnipod DASH® System to be subsidised

November 13, 2022

Minister for Health and Aged Care, The Hon Mark Butler, has today announced that the next generation of Omnipod insulin pumps will be subsidised from December 1.  

The Omnipod System includes a disposable, tubeless and waterproof adhesive Pod which delivers insulin and is replaced every three days, alongside a touchscreen device to control the Pod.  

The Government is subsidising the disposable Pods through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) at community pharmacies. They will soon cost $29.30 per box, or $22.20 for concession card holders.  

The touchscreen device is being added to the Prosthesis List and will be available to some people free of cost through their private health insurance providers. Those without private health insurance will be able to access the touchscreen device directly from the device manufacturer, Insulet, through a monthly subscription fee of $168.27. 

To access the subsidy, those interested must: 

  • Be diagnosed with T1D  
  • Be deemed suitable for Omnipod DASH® System by a healthcare professional 
  • Registered with the NDSS as an eligible Omnipod Dash® System user 

With no subsidisation, these devices cost over $400 per month to access, keeping them out of reach for many people.  

CEO of JDRF Australia, Mike Wilson OAM, says: 

“Thank you to Minister Butler and the Government for delivering this initiative. This funding is so important for the type 1 diabetes community, who each day must face the significant mental, social, and economic toll this chronic condition brings.  

“Providing people who live with type 1 diabetes more affordable access to the management technologies of their choice is key to improving health outcomes and reducing financial burden, and it’s wonderful that Omnipod will now be more accessible to more people who want it.    

“When combined with the increased subsidisation for continuous and flash glucose monitors as of July 1 this year which was so well-received, the more than 125,000 Australians living with this condition can now better harness the full power of diabetes management technologies.” 

Anyone considering starting or changing their diabetes management technology should speak with their healthcare teams for qualified advice.  

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