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Become a Game Changer

Clinical trials can change the game for new treatments and research breakthroughs.

They are an essential part of research and help bring potential new treatments and therapies closer to those who need it. These trials rely on volunteers, but researchers often struggle to find enough people to take part. Up to 80% of clinical trials in Australia have problems finding enough volunteers before the end of the study.

Recognising this gap, JDRF created the T1D Game Changer Program.

As a Game Changer, you:

  • will be the first to find out about upcoming trials in Australia
  • will be the first to find out about trials that are currently recruiting and how to get involved
  • will receive information about exciting developments in T1D research
  • will hear from other Australians who have participated in clinical trials.

People with and without type 1 diabetes are needed to join. There is no cost involved to sign up and once you have signed up, there is no obligation to participate in trials if you don’t want to. All ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Sign up using the form below and be first to hear about new clinical trials. Or use our Clinical Trial Finder to find studies that are looking for participants right now.

Become a game changer.

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