Update: Airport security and type 1 diabetes technology (January 2024)

January 08, 2024

JDRF Australia recently provided an update on type 1 diabetes (T1D) technology and airport security screening following on from conversations with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).  

Since this update, we have received further reports from passengers with T1D technologies having issues accessing screening alternatives and being required to proceed through screening that they are concerned could impact their insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).  

The most recent issues were reported at Melbourne airport. Following these reports, JDRF has had productive discussions with a senior executive at Melbourne Airport with responsibilities for screening there, and involvement in screening decisions for all major airports. 

Officials have apologised for the difficulty faced by passengers with medical devices. They are committed to working with JDRF to find and communicate an appropriate solution that acknowledges the concerns of people with T1D technologies and also enables compliance by airports with their legislated security obligations. 

We have established a path forward, which includes: 

  1. An official doctor’s certificate template: We will be working with airport officials to produce a doctor’s certificate template, available for download on JDRF’s website in the coming weeks, that will be confirmed as being accepted for airport screening circumstances.  
  2. Educating airport staff: New operating procedures are being developed by Melbourne airport to assist staff involved in security screening in understanding T1D technology and alternative screening approaches.  
  3. Working with device manufacturers: JDRF will liaise with device manufacturers to establish more specific information about T1D technologies and screening suitability for all types of available screening, in a manner publicly available to the T1D community as evidence to support their requests (such as when in a security screening line).   

The advice for all domestic and international travel remains to have a doctor’s certificate, the currently available information from the manufacturer of your specific devices, and access to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website with information regarding medical devices and screening technology. Bookmark or save this page on the DHA website.   

We will continue to keep the community updated and provide the certificate template as soon as we are able.  

If you have successfully used a doctor’s certificate to access alternative screening approaches during your travels already that you are willing to share with JDRF to assist with the development of the template described above, please email it to 

Please continue to reach out to us if you experience any difficulties with travelling in the meantime at