Clinical Research

Scientists are constantly working to develop new and better treatments for type 1 diabetes. In order to get these treatments out of the laboratory and to the patients that need them most, they must first be tested in human volunteers to ensure they are safe and effective.

Clinical research is different to basic research because it involves humans or human samples. Clinical trials test potential new treatments in human volunteers in safe, carefully monitored studies.

Researchers need people like you to participate in these investigations to discover better ways to treat, prevent, diagnose and understand type 1 diabetes.

New treatments for type 1 diabetes can only become a reality after going through the clinical trials process. Find out more about how you can participate in clinical research.

All clinical trials conducted in Australia are very strictly regulated and monitored. To find out more about how clinical trials are regulated in Australia, please visit the TGA website, and for more about clinical trials in general visit the NHMRC website.

Photo: Participants in the ENDIA clinical trial.