Governance & Leadership

The T1DCRN brings together researchers, institutions, patients, industry and international networks to focus on patient benefit. It currently comprises 45 researchers across all states and territories in Australia.

Our governance arrangements cross disciplinary, geographical and institutional boundaries in order to achieve the T1DCRN’s vision.

The T1DCRN is led by JDRF Australia, whose mission is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Corporate Governance of the T1DCRN is provided via the JDRF Board of Directors and the Board T1DCRN Subcommittee.

JDRF International is the world’s largest charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research, with over $160 million in total invested into Australian research to date. The T1DCRN has close colleagial connections with JDRF International, benefitting from their global perspective and knowledge of type 1 diabetes research.

The T1DCRN has attracted leading experts in the field of the type 1 diabetes clinical research. These key opinion leaders have have taken up positions on our Network Steering Committee as advisors, partners, and ambassadors of the Network.

The Committee helps to:

  • Ensure that all operational policies and procedures adhere to the T1DCRN’s mission
  • Identify new research partnerships to increase the T1DCRN’s impact
  • Guide the strategic direction and development of the T1DCRN
  • Foster an environment of inclusion and scientific collaboration amongst everyone interested in the T1DCRN

Our Committee members are internationally renowned, Australian expert leaders in type 1 diabetes research. They are:

  • Prof. Peter Colman MBBS, MS, FRACP – University of Melbourne
  • Prof. Mark Cooper MBBS, PhD, FRACP – Monash University
  • Prof. Jennifer Couper MD, FRACP – University of Adelaide
  • A/Prof. Maria Craig MBBS, PhD, FRACP – University of New South Wales
  • Prof. Alicia Jenkins MBBS, MD, MRCP, FRACP, FRCP – University of Sydney
  • Prof. Timothy Jones MBBS, DCH, FRACP, MD – University of Western Australia

Photo: Dr Dorota Pawlak PhD, Director of the Australian Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network