About CRN

The T1DCRN is an initiative dedicated to accelerating clinical research progress to increase access to new treatments and therapies for all people living with type 1 diabetes.

The T1DCRN is building a strong research network that brings together world-class researchers, patients, industry and international networks to answer the most critical type 1 diabetes research questions, with a strong focus on patient benefit. The T1DCRN aims to accelerate and increase delivery of clinical research in the short-term, and will build long-term research capacity in Australia.

Our History

The T1DCRN was originally launched by JDRF in June 2010 through a $5 million grant from Australian Government through the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA). The network’s success in accelerating clinical research prompted over 250 young JDRF advocates to met with 135 politicians from electorates across the country. These dedicated young people spoke about the realities of life with type 1 diabetes and the need for more research.

In 2014 their efforts culminated in a $35 million funding commitment from the Australian Research Council in the form of a Special Research Initiative. This funding is the largest ever single commitment to type 1 diabetes in Australia and we are proud to be delivering on its promise to promote and accelerate type 1 diabetes clinical research.

Photo: The Hon Christopher Pyne MP with JDRF advocates at the announcement of the $35m funding commitment in July 2014.