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CGM Access Summit What's on offer?

CGM Access Summit

The Diabetes Alliance has created the CGM Access Summit program to help answer your questions about expanded CGM and flash GM access – all in one evening.

The summit is free, and online. Explore what’s on offer below.


Welcome address - 6:30pm AEST

Justine Cain, Group CEO Diabetes Australia, will open the evening, providing some background on the Diabetes Alliance, its role in helping secure expansion of the CGM Subsidy Initiative and its commitment to advocating for the diabetes community for policy change now and into the future.

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New to CGM and flash GM technology? The choices explained - 6:35pm AEST

Dr Jennifer Snaith, staff specialist endocrinologist at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, will help you navigate the options of CGM and flash GM technology that are currently available in Australia, and discuss the factors to consider when determining which options may best suit you. This session will also have a Q&A component, moderated by Dr Jane Holmes-Walker.

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Introduction to Dexcom G6 - 7:00pm AEST

An overview of the Dexcom G6 from AMSL Diabetes from Samantha Oxenham, senior professional education manager for AMSL (a subsidiary of Dexcom).

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Introduction to FreeStyle Libre 2 - 7:15pm AEST

An overview of the Freestyle Libre 2 by Deepak Prakash, Head of Market Access at Abbott Diabetes Care.

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Introduction to Guardian™ Sensor 3 - 7:30pm AEST

An overview of the Guardian™ Sensor 3 from Jodie Andonopoulos, a senior clinical specialist from Medtronic Diabetes.

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It's time! How to get CGM and flash GM ready - 7:45pm AEST

This session will be packed with helpful information if you’re:

  • new to CGM and flash GM technology,
  • thinking of changing technology; or,
  • don’t have an existing healthcare provider.

Peta Tauchmann, from the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA), will share practical tips and a checklist to prepare for your upcoming visit to your healthcare professional, as well as point you to some useful links on how to find a healthcare provider that can support your application. There will also be time for Q&A, moderated by the CEO of ADEA, Susan Davidson.

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What's next? How to apply for your subsidised CGM or flash GM - 8:05pm AEST

Diabetes Australia representative Renza Scibilia will guide you every step of the way on how to access subsidised CGM and flash GM products through the NDSS. She will unpack the different pathways, eligibility criteria and subsidy costs, and provide you with useful links you need to make the application process as seamless as possible. There will also be a Q&A component, moderated by Taryn Black, chief strategy officer, Diabetes Australia.

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Closing address from JDRF Australia - 8:30pm AEST

JDRF Australia CEO and managing director Mike Wilson will share where you can find more support and officially close the CGM Access Summit.

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