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At JDRF we are improving the lives of those with Type 1 Diabetes, those who love them and those who will need us in the future. 10,000 Australians will be diagnosed in the next 4 years, they don’t know they need us yet but we work for them all the same. 

Diabetes is a global problem: curing this disease will be a defining challenge of our lifetimes. 

We are looking for talented people to join our team. Every team member at JDRF makes a difference to the millions of Australians impacted by T1D. We strive to create a vibrant and rewarding work environment where you can develop and grow.  

Salary Packaging

Australian taxation laws provide generous tax concessions for not for profit organisations like JDRF Australia. One such concession is an exemption for Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

This means that JDRF Australia is able to pass on to their employees a proportion of their wages as a reimbursement of personal expenses and no income tax is payable on this money, in effect a proportion of your salary each pay is tax free.

You may choose to package a range of items, such as your mortgage, rent, school tuition fees, private health insurance or even a personal loan repayment, or you may decide to use our convenient Salary Packaging Payment Card to package everyday living expenses including groceries, petrol and utility bills.

You can currently package up to the allowable maximum of $15,900 each FBT year.

Additional Leave

At JDRF we offer additional paid leave over Christmas. Our offices close from 25th December to 1 January and none of this time is taken from your annual leave entitlement. This leave is provided to all employees as a time to connect with family and friends.


Employee Recognition and Reward

At JDRF our 5 Values are PASSION | INTEGRITY | VISION | IMPACT | COLLABORATION and we aim to reflect these values in a positive work environment that benefits the organisation as well as employees. We know that motivated and happy employees are our most valuable asset. Our recognition and reward program celebrates the extraordinary achievements and behaviours of our staff that contribute to the culture and mission of JDRF. 

Employee Development

JDRF provides and encourages development opportunities to enhance job performance and contribute to professional growth.

We have an excellent Development resource facility, which provides employees with a wide range of development tools, training courses and articles.

Current Vacancies

Development Manager

Brisbane, QLD

Development Manager

Sydney, NSW

Event Volunteer

All Locations

Volunteer Peer Support Mentors

All Locations

Volunteer Peer Support Coordinator

Sydney, NSW

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